How to Feed and Care for Orphaned Kittens

Over the past 15 years, I’ve raised 9 orphaned kittens. 4 of them had been two weeks previous when their mom was killed; three others had been solely hours previous when their mom died; two extra kittens fell out of the nest in our barn after they had been solely a day previous.

Elevating motherless kittens isn’t a troublesome course of, nevertheless it does require endurance, time and loads of TLC.

Listed here are some suggestions that will help you elevate your orphaned kittens:

1. Make a nest.

Usually, a mom cat spends many hours a day within the nest together with her kittens, which helps her infants keep heat. Protecting the kittens heat is essential as a result of if they are not heat sufficient, they will not need to eat, and in reality, all of their bodily capabilities will decelerate.

To maintain your orphaned kittens heat, make a nest in a small field and line it with towels or previous t-shirts or sweatshirts to assist the infants preserve their physique warmth. Put a towel over the field to maintain out the sunshine. Feminine cats select nests which can be darkish. If you do not have a warmth lamp, use a small 40-watt desk lamp and place it a number of ft above the field to assist preserve the kittens heat.

If the field is sufficiently big, you can even use a jug or one other giant container crammed with sizzling water to maintain the infants heat. Place the jug within the field after which make a nest with towels beside it. Refill the jug when it cools off. You need to use a quart jar as a “sizzling water bottle” too besides that a quart jar cools off in a short time.

2. Use an eyedropper or a syringe to feed the kittens.

The primary time I raised orphaned kittens, I found that the small nursing bottles obtainable at vet clinics had been too large. The kittens could not get their mouths across the nipples. So, at first, for new child kittens, I used an eyedropper. Because the kittens grew greater, a syringe labored very effectively, the form of syringe for giving injections (with out the needle in fact!). I began out with the three cc dimension and used bigger syringes when the kittens grew greater. The tip of a syringe is concerning the dimension of a cat’s nipple, and my kittens finally sucked exhausting sufficient on the tip of the syringe to attract the plunger down by themselves. Verify together with your vet clinic to see if any used syringes can be found or to see if you should purchase new syringes from the clinic.

A phrase of warning: Whether or not you are feeding with an eyedropper or a syringe, watch out to provide just a few drops at a time. My veterinarian advised me that if the kittens got an excessive amount of formulation directly (greater than they may swallow), they could inhale it. Inhaling formulation will make your kittens far more vulnerable to pneumonia.

Alongside the best way, I’ve additionally found that it’s best to feed the kittens as a lot as they need to eat. They are going to calm down and sleep till the subsequent feeding if they’re getting sufficient to eat. Tiny kittens will begin out taking possibly 1 CC at a time. As they develop greater, they’ll eat round 12 CCs at a time (often in a number of completely different helpings).

Kittens be taught in a short time that meals comes from the syringe you maintain in your hand. If you’re having hassle getting them to take the formulation from the syringe, let nuzzle within the palm of your hand for a number of seconds or allow them to suck in your fingers. Then introduce the syringe and allow them to suck on it whilst you very slowly press the plunger down.

three. Feed the kittens KMR or kitty formulation that you’ve combined your self.

KMR, the canned cat milk replacer, is out there at most vet clinics in both a premixed or dry type. It’s particularly formulated for kittens to supply all of the vitamins they want. Observe the instructions on the label. The quantity to feed is decided by physique weight. My new child kittens weighed three ounces every, and for the primary a number of days, they solely wanted a half an eyedropper of KMR at a time.

My vet clinic additionally gave me a recipe for “kitten formulation.” After the primary can of KMR, that is what all of my kittens have been raised on.

Right here is the recipe for Kitten Components

1 cup complete milk

1 tablespoon white corn syrup

1 egg yolk

a pinch of salt

Combine in a blender and blend it up far sufficient upfront so the bubbles could have time to dissipate.

Heat over medium warmth. Warmth the formulation so it feels barely heat to the contact. All of my kittens have refused to swallow the formulation if it was too chilly or too heat. The identical was true for KMR.

four. Feed your kittens on an everyday schedule thrice a day.

Mom cats nurse their kittens each couple of hours. The veterinarian I consulted cautioned me to not feed them that usually. “They will not eat effectively and you will get pissed off they usually’ll get pissed off and will probably be tougher on all people,” he mentioned. He was proper. Feeding the kittens thrice per day labored out very effectively.

5. Groom your kittens with a heat, moist washcloth and assist them to empty their bladders and their bowels.

Younger kittens are unable to empty their bladders or transfer their bowels, so you may have to assist them. Use a heat, moist washcloth and wipe underneath their tails till they’ve emptied their bladders and/or moved their bowels. Be ready to make use of as many as 4 washcloths for every kitten. In the event that they solely must empty their bladders, you will not want that many. In the event that they must empty their bowels, look out — it might get messy! Smaller washcloths that you could wring out with one hand whilst you maintain onto a squirming kitten with the opposite work finest. I put the washcloths in a pail of heat water and put the pail the place I can attain it simply.

Younger kittens additionally have no idea groom themselves, and after a day or two of consuming kitten formulation, they turn out to be sticky from the formulation that inevitably dribbles down their chins. Every so often, use a heat, moist washcloth to wipe off the formulation, however watch out to not get the kittens TOO moist or will probably be exhausting for them to remain heat.

6. Present a litter pan after they’re 4 weeks previous.

Cats have a robust intuition to make use of materials that they’ll scratch round in after they must empty their bladders and transfer their bowels. By the point the kittens are 4 weeks previous, they’ll already be considering on this route and offering them with a litter pan will assist them get the concept. You would possibly nonetheless have to help them with a washcloth for some time, nevertheless it will not be lengthy earlier than they’re utilizing the litter pan.

Kitty litter in an aluminum pie plate works effectively to begin out. Because the kittens develop greater, use an even bigger container for a litter field.

7. Begin feeding strong meals when the kittens are about six weeks previous.

Kittens which can be raised by their moms in all probability will begin consuming before six weeks, however it is possible for you to to supply extra milk than their moms would have obtainable.

When your kittens have gotten their enamel, you possibly can start feeding them strong meals. If you wish to feed dry meals, an excellent high quality kitten chow will work tremendous. Kitten chow has all the vitamins and protein that they should continue to grow. Kitten chow is also made in tiny kitten-bite-sized items. To tempt their appetites and to provide them a “deal with,” you can even attempt a little bit canned kitty meals. Be sure you present contemporary water on your kittens to drink, as effectively. And till the kittens are consuming strong meals recurrently, complement their caloric consumption with kitten formulation. By this time, you will not must feed them with a syringe. You may put the formulation right into a small saucer, and as soon as they uncover the place it’s and what it’s, they’ll drink by themselves.

eight. Be ready to be stunned and amazed.

Kittens develop in a short time, and on some days, you’ll assume they’re rising proper earlier than your very eyes.

Kittens get their eyes open after they’re about 10 days previous.

They are going to begin purring when they’re as younger as 6 days previous.

Kittens will begin different “kitty behaviors” akin to shaking their heads, trying to groom and lifting a hind meals to scratch behind their ears when they’re between two to a few weeks previous.

Younger kittens will typically get the hiccups (!) if you are feeding them.

Younger kittens are like child people, in a approach. Their days include consuming, sleeping and emptying their bowels and bladders. After the kittens have gotten sufficient to eat and have had their bodily capabilities taken care of, once you put them again within the “nest,” they’ll sleep or relaxation quietly till you’re able to feed them once more. If they’re stressed and crying and meowing, they could want a little bit extra to eat, or they could must empty their bladders or transfer their bowels, or they could really feel chilly.

Because the kittens get older, they are going to be awake for longer intervals of time and can finally begin enjoying with one another.

By the point the kittens are 4 weeks previous, you’ll probably have to maneuver them into an even bigger field, if not sooner, as a result of the primary one might be too small and they’re going to know get out on their very own!

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