Amnesia: The Dark Descent Game Review

Amnesia is an thrilling and horrifying journey sport constructed round exploration and puzzle-based environments. Think about waking up in a brittle outdated fort within the Kingdom of Prussia. You haven’t any recollection of how or why you bought there [Hence the title.]. You bear in mind your identify and nonetheless protect your long run reminiscence. Nonetheless, the thriller of how, why and the place you might be eludes you.

Your identify is Daniel. As you slowly regain consciousness, you uncover a observe addressed to you, written by none apart from your self. Upon gazing at it, you uncover that you simply purposely wiped your reminiscence and that you’re to search out the Internal Sanctum inside the fort to grab and kill Alexander. Prepare for a protracted journey forward, Daniel.

First off, Daniel is deathly afraid of the darkish, and really simply scared. In the course of the sport you might be adopted by a haunting power that is named The Shadow. Its solely function is to protect an Orb. One which Daniel beforehand stole from a burial chamber to provide to Alexander whom had promised safety from the evil that adopted the Orb. The one object you begin with is an oil lantern. All through the sport you have to discover tinderboxes and oil to remain always within the gentle, in any other case Daniel will progressively grow to be insane and begin seeing issues which can be actually not there. Principally the decrease your sanity is, the tougher the sport turns into. After the primary few rooms and puzzles coping with keys, discovering varied objects, and leaping over ledges, you’ll encounter the most important downside within the fort; essentially the most feared monster within the sport, the Grunt. As you aren’t in a position to combat again, your solely possibility is to run away from these creatures. They’ll kill you with one slash and they’re sooner than you. I believe it provides the sport extra of a worry to it. In case you are caught within the open close to one in every of these monsters, effectively, you are screwed. The one technique to keep away from them attending to you is to make it shortly to the closest room and shut the door. Did I point out they will break via doorways as effectively? Effectively, they will. As quickly as you lock your self in, discover a place to cover shortly. You’ll then need to danger your sanity by turning off your lantern and ready in the dead of night till the creature passes. Tempting as it might be, don’t look instantly on the monster. Doing so will drop your sanity stage a lot sooner because the horrific wanting monster makes Daniel shudder.

After many rooms and puzzles you’ll run into what I believe is the scariest creature, the Kaernk, additionally referred to as the Water Lurker. It has no bodily type, you possibly can’t see it, however you already know it is there. You hear its growls and the heavy splash it makes because it slowly follows wherever you go. Soar on the crates and containers close to you or the Water Lurker will kill you. The one technique to create a diversion for it’s to throw hunks of meat and physique components you discover on prime of a few of the containers. In case your sanity stage is ok all through the sport, you’ll solely encounter this creature as soon as. Whether it is low many of the sport, count on for it to come out of any room that has knee-high water.

All in all, other than the good points to the sport, there are additionally a number of issues that might use a little bit of enchancment. Oil is scarce, attempt to use as little as you possibly can as a result of the oil within the lantern tends to expire so quick. It’s onerous to search out. It is hidden all through the sport, generally in essentially the most ridiculous spots. Use as many tinderboxes as you possibly can as a supply of sunshine. One other factor is that generally the puzzles are method too sophisticated. Hints are scarce and you’ll find your self questioning what do to subsequent. It is not unusual to spend hours looking for what triggers will get you thru. This sport is extra out to scare you than the rest and it does an incredible job of it. The feeling of desperation and helplessness is purposely weaved into the sport. In case you are a fan of scary films and journey video games, that is the proper sport for you. Except for minor issues, this sport is unquestionably well worth the cash, and will simply make its method because the Scariest Recreation of All Time on any Gamer ‘s record. I hope you loved this Video รีวิวเกมส์ as a lot as I loved enjoying the sport.


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