Ayurvedic Treatment After an Abortion

Abortion is the ending of the being pregnant, the place foetus can not survive within the exterior atmosphere. The abortion occurred spontaneously is miscarriage and an intentional abortion is induced abortion. There are a number of legal guidelines in fashionable international locations to manage abortion and its social and moral dialogues has began from time immemorial.

Induced abortion is carried out both by medicines or surgical strategies and its’ the most secure medical process. Nevertheless this process finished by quacks reviews dying of greater than 50000 in a 12 months. A research says, 50 million abortions are finished in final 12 months and half have been managed by untrained quacks inflicting critical risk to the well being of tens of millions of women.

The miscarriage is a medical situation and prompted resulting from a number of aetiologies like incompetence of cervix, debility of mom, hormonal imbalance, hereditary components, bodily exertion, stress and many others.

Ayurveda have a singular idea of Tridosha (Three somatic humours) principle concerning the metabolism of the physique. Each motion of the physique might be defined by way of three humours- Vata (Air), Pitt (Hearth) and Kaph. The well being is the stability of those three components and its imbalance causes the illness. The being pregnant is occurred in a singular mixture of three components and Vata holds the foetus, Kaph nourishes and Pitt converts. Any purpose difficult this stability will result in miscarriage and there’s a clear Garbhini charya (Every day routines of Pregnant) to handle the stability and for a wholesome progeny. There are some particular meals and decoctions for every month and this can allow clean supply.

Ayurveda compares the fertilization to the formation of fireplace from two items of wooden by rubbing collectively. Atma or soul is entered in to the womb and by the affiliation of Atma, the foetus turns into chetana (lively, acutely aware, residing). The expansion of the fetus month by month is defined Sarirasathana of Ashtanga Hrdayam.

The pregnant girl ought to keep away from extra of sexual actions, carrying heavy masses, sleeping or awaking in improper timings, sitting on exhausting surfaces, grief, anger,worry, feelings, suppression of pure urges, controlling of needs, fasting, strolling lengthy distance,consuming spicy meals, alcoholic drinks, meat, mendacity face upwards and panchkarma therapies. A pregnant girls who contain in above stated actions or resulting from different illnesses, develops bleeding or abdomen ache. After the embryo is get expelled, the ladies ought to be given drinks to pacify ache. Sturdy wine is advisable and it clears the uterine cavity and suppresses the ache. After that, soup of particular rice processed with laghu panchmoola- Solanum indicum,Solanum xanthocarpum,Desmodium gangeticum,Uraria picta and Tribulus terrestris with none fats or salt is given. The herbs chosen are simply digestible and promotes digestion.

After preliminary administration, the ladies ought to given Dipyakadi churna with ghee for 3 days. The decoction made from Katuka (Picrorhiza kurroa), Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum), Pata (Cissampelos pareira), Sakha twak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Hingu (Ferula asafoetida) and Teja (Marsdenia tenacissima) ought to be administered in the identical interval. For subsequent seven days, the ladies ought to be given medicated ghee and arishta (Fermented liquid cytotec bolivia drugs) as per the rationale of the miscarriage, tampon soaked within the decoction of Shirisha (Albizia lebbeck) or Kakkubha (Terminalia arjuna) ought to be inserted to the vagina.

Kerala Fashion Ayurvedic administration after an abortion/ miscarriage


  • One teaspoon natural honey with equal ginger juice earlier than meals for 3 meals time.
  • Gruel with damaged rice, Cress (Lepidium sativum), Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum) and Ajawain (Trachyspermum ammi) for seven days.
  • Dasamulaarishta, Jeerakarishta and Panchkolasavam blended in equal proportion and given 30ml twice day by day after meals.
  • Kurinji kuzhambu One teaspoon twice day by day after meals.
  • Pinda Taila/ Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu for exterior therapeutic massage. Use water boiled with barks of 4 ficus bushes – Udumbara – Ficus racemosa, Plaksha – Ficus microcarpa, Aswadha – Ficus religiosa, Nyagrodha – Ficus bengalensis

After 7 days

  • Dhanwantharam qwath pill – Two tablets twice day by day earlier than meals.
  • Ajaswagandhadi leha/ Chyvanprash One teaspoon twice day by day after meals.
  • Tampon dipped in Dhanwantharam tailam for vaginal insertion for 60 minutes.


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